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Vedic Festivals in Russia

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This year we welcome guests to our festivals!

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Visitors of past Years

"Dear Friends. I lived and worked for two weeks on the Home estate of family Maul and I had a very inspiring time. I covered the rooftop of the summerhouse, I gathered tomatoes, cooked, looked after the children, was on a Birthday-party, meditated on Dolmens, I saw bards playing live on the common house twice and so on... I met so many interesting, kind ,openminded people and I felt very comfortable with them!! They have such a positive charisma which I never saw on civilization people. I really recommend to everyone who is interested in Home estates and Ringing-Cedar- settlements to see at least once vedrussia and let family Maul show you the place. Enjoy!!" Ranjit Gasser

"Thank you so much for sharing your precious time, place, life and with us "foreign group". You are the best host one can imagine. Always there for everyone need or with with patience and love. Thank you for the yummy homemade meals, your gifts from the garden (arbus, tomatoes, berries ... ) and introducing me to your lesson, beloved friends and neighbours!

With all my heart!"


Visitor in 2015, Germany

"Staying with Kristina, Igor and their cute children was a wonderful and warm experience, which left me with respect and appreciation for all they have managed to achieve in such a short period of time!"

Stefan Wolf

Visitor in 2015 from Austria, LOVE Productions

"Vedrussiya is the warmest and most beautiful place I have been. There is a sense of positive creation there. The people are confident and full of joy.

I was very glad to visit Vedrussiya three times in 2015 and 2016. It is one of the first settlements of Ringing Cedars readers, inspired by Anastasia, and it stands as magnificent proof of the taiga hermit's dream. The families truly are blessed with the energy of love, and a great hope lives among the homesteads, that a beautiful new world is possible, and that we can make it come true.

I loved the folk dances and traditional crafts at the festival, and the chance to see the young homesteads in creation. It gave me strong determination to set my life on a positive path, towards nature. I wish only the very best for all the good people of Vedrussiya, and look forward to when our paths will meet again. One day, you can visit our settlement in Australia!"

Kemble Dawson Walker

visited Vedrussia 3 times in 2015 and 2016, Australia

Who is organizing the Festivals?

Vitaly Pelevin

Vitaly Pelevin

a creator of the festival

Kristina and Igor Maul

Kristina and Igor Maul

Igor is an organizator of the festival

Kristina is a coordinator of foreign groups

Read the story of our family estate

Read our story

Awareness of live

This composition of beautiful pictures of our family estate settling “Vedrussia” and different events give you a sense of the culture we live.

Music From Heart

Musicians from all over russia are visiting the family homestead settling “Vedrussia” during the year, playing music that comes from deepest light and heart. View this video to get an glimpse of what is awaiting you at our festivals! ­čÖé

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